Press Release (En)

Press Release (En)

International Press Release

Greece, Athens

Dear Sirs,

We are a group of Contract Agents working for the Municipality of Athens, who have worked under misnomers contracts for many years in vacancies of the Greek Public Sector - similar to regular staff - covering not unexpected or urgent but permanent needs.

The Greek government, which for years refused to accept the change of the designation of our contracts so that they would represent the true nature of our work, is now trying to stop even the courts from examining such cases. This has led us to live facing the risk of dismissal and unemployment during a very difficult economic period.

Because of this unfair treatment by the Greek government, we have decided to seek legal protection, restoration of our employment equality and to communicate our problem to Europe and worldwide.


I. Discrimination against a particular group of workers (Contract Agents) for “alleged public good” cannot be accepted by the modern legal culture.

II. It is unfair and illogical that, at the same time our contracts may be terminated (through government’s action in the Supreme Court) the same government is planning, 50,000 new recruits of Contract Agents to fill the same positions we already occupy.

In this context,

1. Please support the effort to protect our civil and political rights by any means you think is appropriate, and

2. Give our problem the maximum possible publicity in your country and your government.


* Our contracts to be converted into contracts of indefinite duration.

With respect,

The Contract Agents representation committee

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